ABPCO Member

Why choose an ABPCO member as your professional conference organiser?

When planning a conference you will want to find an organiser that fits your requirements and won’t disappoint. ABPCO is here to help. Our entry criteria ensure that only those with professional experience are awarded membership.

Investing in PCO services, for all or part of your event’s management, cannot only ensure the smooth running of your conference but may also save (or even make) you money in the long run. Effective marketing can boost your delegate attendance and securing the right sponsorship can make or break the event, so an initial investment to bring in the professionals should pay dividends.

How do ABPCO accredit members?

The ABPCO quality marque is an industry recognised standard that those working in the professional conference organising industry trust. It is an individual (not organisation) membership based on professional experience, peer assessment and references from both sides of the supply chain.

PCO Members have met the following criteria:

  • Industry experience: 5 years or more professional experience* (and a minimum of 2 years as a proprietor, partner, director or senior manager).
  • Quality and code of conduct: Each PCO member has committed to upholding the industry standards and the ABPCO code of conduct. ABPCO members are professionals, and have demonstrated that they have the skills, processes and experience in place to enable them to sign up to this code.

Our members have all confirmed that they have had experience in the following aspects, required to be a successful PCO;

Administration Experience

  • Provision of administrative secretariat
  • Handling registrations
  • Preparation and implementation of a marketing plan
  • Planning and administration of a general working programme
  • Planning and organisation of social events
  • Design management
  • Preparation, printing and distribution of documents
  • Hiring of/responsibility for sets, signs, furniture, audio-visual
  • Organisation of interpretation and translation
  • Recruitment and briefing of conference staff
  • Reservation and management of hotel accommodation
  • Organisation of coach and individual transfers
  • Organisation of delegates’ travel arrangements
  • Overall on-site management

Financial Experience

  • Preparation of budget and control of expenditure
  • Revenue generation (sponsorship, exhibition, satellite meetings)
  • Preparation of contracts with clients, venues and other suppliers
  • VAT and insurance issues
  • Reconciliation of final accounts

Exhibition Experience

  • Organisation of exhibitions (floor plans, liaison with contractors etc.)
  • Exhibition sales and marketing

Technical Experience

  • Organisation of technical/scientific programme content
  • Processing of abstracts
  • Provision of speaker registration, briefings, slide preview
  • Arrangements for the press and media
  • Publication of proceedings

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